KASK: Kiwi Association of Sea Kayakers

KASK (Kiwi Association of Sea Kayakers Inc.) was established in 1992 as a national association for sea kayaking in New Zealand.

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About us

KASK was initially set up to promote and encourage the sport of sea kayaking, promote safety standards, develop techniques and equipment, deal with issues of coastal access and protection, organize a biennial sea kayaking forum and publish the New Zealand Sea Kayaker Newsletter.

The KASK Code of Conduct can be found here.

The Sea Canoeist Newsletter was initiated by Graham Egarr in 1988, and he also organized the first national Sea Kayak Forum in 1989 at Mapua, near Nelson. After Graham’s death in 1991, the newsletter editorship passed on to Paul Caffyn. It has now been renamed as the New Zealand Sea Kayaker magazine and is a full-colour magazine produced six times a year in electronic format.

Associated Organisations:

KASK is a founder member of the New Zealand Safer Boating Forum
KASK is a member of Water Safety NZ
KASK is a ‘Not for Profit’ organisation

Kiwi Association of Sea Kayakers Inc. NZ (KASK) is one of twenty-five members of the New Zealand Safer Boating Forum. The purpose of the Forum is to work together to develop and implement a common agreed boating safety policy, communications, education, compliance and regulation.

The safer boating strategy and the relationship that exists between organisations, enables KASK to engage at a paddler level. It also represents the association, networks, clubs and groups on the national platform.

KASK is a member of Water Safety NZ (WSNZ). Water safety NZ is an incorporated society with charitable status that contributes to strategy and promotion of water safety to our paddle sports community. WSNZ is also a member of the Safer Boating Forum mentioned above.

KASK also, maintains close liaison with allied organisations such as:

KASK’s Mission:

To give voice to Kiwi paddlers
To bring together paddlecraft users in New Zealand

KASK’s Strategic Objectives:

Promote Safety standards
Promote the sport of sea kayaking
Promote paddling skills and leadership
Promote coastal protection, environmental awareness, and
responsible access through kaitiakitanga and sustainable initiatives

KASK achieves these objectives through the committee members, clubs and networks, organising events such as Kayak Fest. It also educates through local events and online content. This includes the bi-monthly magazine (The Sea Kayaker) and the Sea Kayaking Handbook.


Kiwi Association of Sea Kayakers is a Not for Profit ‘Incorporated Society’. It has an elected committee, a President and a constitution.

The current team is made up of the seven committee members, Membership, Magazine, website and Regional Ambassadors:

Interim President
Shaun Maclaren
Committee Member
Committee Member
Committee Member
Steve Cooper (AKL)
Committee Member
Dallas Veitch
Committee Member

Membership and Admin
Steve Cooper (AKL)

Regional Ambassadors

KASK have regional ‘Ambassadors’ around NZ.

An ambassador’s mission is to: 

  • Connect and liaise with local paddling communities/ clubs/groups (kayak fishers, retailers, manufacturers).
  • Highlight regional coastal conservation concerns.
  • Identify networking opportunities for paddlers.
  • Keep abreast of developments and news in kayaking within the region and in KASK.
  • Organise regional events or training sessions such as “Meet the people”.
Steven Cooper
Canterbury region
Peter Bennett
Lucas Waterworth
Wellington Region
Paula Renouf
Gisbourne/East Cape
It could be you!
Bay of Plenty
It could be you!
Steve Flack
Hawkes Bay
Mark Aspinall
Auckland Region
Jay Howell
David Welch
It could be you!
It could be you!
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