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ABC of Safety & Rescues
Emergency Communications – VHF – EPIRB old & new
Emergency Equipment & Marine Equipment Suppliers
H&S – Adventure Activity, Auditing & Clubs’ Exemption
Incidents & Accidents Database
KASK Safety Initiatives – Database – Brochure
Long load safety flags
Mayday and PanPan Call Format Change
Prevention of Collision at Sea
Radar Reflectors
Rescues – How to
Safety Equipment Tests
Safety Items – Decklines – Paddle securing straps – Leapfrogging self rescues
Trip Planning – Float Plan
Useful Kayak Safety Resources
Visibility of kayaks and paddle craft – Important Safety Notice – ARC Bylaw
VHF Channels Changed on 1 October 2016
Water Safety Champions for 2011 Celebrated – Caffyn
Weather Forecasts

ABC of Safety & Rescues

Experience A – beginner or simple day paddlingB – done some overnight trips. Know how to do rescues, 2-boat and soloC – can roll For all paddlers, weather or bad weather, is the most important item. Of weather, wind is the most critical. Two metre swells on a calm day can be impressive but that …

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Rescues – how to

Two kayaks and involving one capsize The description below shows how to do the most basic recovery. There are T, X, H rescues, dragging the rescued kayak over your deck, etc. etc. What is shown here is a BASIC method. Something anyone can do even without practising it though practise is definitely encouraged. Important – the less time anyone …

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Weather Forecasts

MetService supports Safe Boating Week and give pointers to better understanding the reports. Understanding Sea Conditions From Marine Forecasts For more information and app download links, check out the MetService website for Weather on Your Mobile Smartphone VHF WARNING – repeater frequencies have been re-allocated See above for VHF channel changes in 2016. Forecasts are …

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A Test of Safety Equipment

In 2007 a test was done in Auckland relating to the visibility of kayakers. The report from that test is in this document Kayak Safety Equipment 2007 PDF. Those participating were Auckland Harbour Office, Environment Waikato, Maritime New Zealand, Coastguard Northern Region and Auckland Canoe Club.

KASK Safety Initiatives

Following a grim 2003/04 paddling summer, with two sea kayakers drowning, another killed in a collision with a power boat and several offshore rescues that were ever so close to joining the fatality statistics, KASK developed two major safety initiatives: Database of all kayaking incidents This started with a focus on incidents involving death, injury …

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