International Kayakers Week 2022

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Where. NE Coromandel Peninsula Stony Bay DOC Campsite
When.  13 to 19 Feb 2022

Reference: (marine chart)

IKW in 2022 will be based at Stony Bay DOC, between Port Jackson and Port Charles on the north-eastern coast of the Coromandel Peninsula, following the KASK Kayak Fest. It will be hosted by the Te Henga Caving Club (THCC)

The plan is to enjoy the remote and beautiful location, and take advantage of the chance to explore and play along the coastline, caves and stony beaches. With the right swell there may be surf at Waikawau a short drive or half-day paddle to the south. Great Barrier is only 20 km away, so a circumnavigation or two-day return trip may be an option for those always looking to the horizon.

Bonus Highlights: 

  • The Coromandel Walkway, with its magnificent views, runs from Stony Bay to Fletcher Bay (20 km, 7 hour return trip) and there is also an arduous 8 km, 5 hour mountain bike track for land-based adventurous types.
  • Marine life is rich in the pristine waters.

Stony Bay DOC Campsite
*Must reserve – $15per person per night*

60 unpowered sites:

  • Each tent site allows 5 people.
  • If the website states that there is no space, go to the International Kayakers Week (IKW) 2022 NZ Facebook group and ask around for someone who is happy to share
  • When you book with DOC, please comment on the Facebook group to say you are coming, with the accurate number of people, for IKW planning success.

Camping Equipment – what to bring: 
Everyone needs to be self-sufficient – to cater for all your needs.

You are responsible for your own food.
Coromandel town (Four Square) is just over an hour away, and the Colville General Store around 45 min. PaknSave in Thames is a good option if you pass by on your way up, also Whitianga (New World, Placemakers, hot pools) could be considered.

Vehicle Parking:
Vehicles can be parked near or close to your tent.

Recommended Paddler Skills: 

The aim of the week is to explore the surrounding waters from the basecamp in loosely organised groups. Paddlers should be confident of their launching & landing, self-rescue skills, have the necessary safety gear with them. The week will not be suitable for beginners. On the other hand, there will definitely be the chance for skills development and training.

  • Suggested paddling level, intermediate to advanced.
  • Be able to hold course in 15-20 knots of wind and choppy seas
  • Be confident and comfortable with wet exits and self-rescues.
  • Remember, you are the Captain of your own boat! Experienced paddlers may take a lead role, but participants will be primarily responsible for their own safety. Guidance will be available.

Paddling details:

  • IKW is intentionally loosely organised so there’s lots of flexibility about when and where you would like to paddle each day. Every day you can decide! There will be different paddles to join depending on skill level, desires, and paddling conditions.
  • Please be sure that your paddling gear is in good order (i.e. flotation in the bow and stern, hatch covers & bulkheads are sealed, spraydeck fits well etc)
  • Helmets for rock garden/ocean white water play, and to explore sea caves.
  • Serviceable PFDs are required.
  • Please bring your normal safety gear for paddling in a variety of environments.
  • Once we meet at the DOC Campsite, we will have a form for each participant to complete regarding any pertinent medical issues, and your emergency contact person.
  • There will be a daily morning and evening meet-up to plan events and tell tall stories. A sign-up board will be posted for suggested adventures each day
  • Bring your own suggestions about what you might like to do, see, or paddle into!

Cellphone service is extremely limited – maybe after a lengthy climb to the top of the nearest hill! Best to plan to be out of cellphone communication.

Directions to get to Stony Bay from Coromandel Town
As the majority will be travelling from the KASK Kayak Fest at Hahei, it is recommended that you drive to Coromandel town, resupply at the Four Square, and then head north toward Colville and onto Stony Bay via Port Charles. The last 14 km from Port Charles to the campsite is on a bendy unsealed gravel road that is narrow in places and will take about 35 min. The road is used by motor homes, caravans, and towed boats, but please take care!

Hahei – Stony Bay driving details, go to

Disclaimer: IKW 2022 is not organised by KASK – however, KASK supports it.

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