KASK Event Survey Results — 2016

The respondents thought the KASK Sea Kayaking forum as it is at the moment is somewhat useful, with good objectives especially related to skills development. It needs to be fully catered and it should stay focussed on sea kayaking, aimed predominantly at intermediate paddlers and strong beginners. It should run once a year in either North or South Island and should be held in February or March and should ideally be followed by International Kayak week.

This is according to our latest survey. Here are the complete survey results:

1. Event Objectives and vision

Q1: How do you consider KASK National Sea Kayaking Forum to be:

24% thought it was extremely important and 65% thought it was somewhat useful. 11 % thought the forum is irrelevant and had no value to them as paddlers. We asked the respondents who thought it was irrelevant why it was irrelevant and the common reason is that it is an outdated concept.

Q2: Do you think the current objectives for National KASK Forum [AGM, Skills development and social gathering] is still relevant or should we rethink the objectives?


90% of the respondents are happy with the current objectives.

Q3: Please rank the objectives below in the order of importance


60% ranked the skills development the most important objective.

However, the weighted average score showed most consider the skill development closely followed by social gathering and networking to be the most important objectives.

Q4: KASK is currently for Sea Kayakers, should the target audience be broadened to include Kayak fishing, multisport, K1 racing and white water paddling?

Q492% did not think the target audience should be broadened beyond sea kayakers.

And the 8% who wanted to broaden the audience rated kayak fishing and multisports paddling followed by whitewater paddling as the items they like to see addressed.


Q6: Do you think the name of the event should be changed?

There was widespread support for a name change – but there was a significant 24 people who wanted it to stay as “KASK National Sea Kayaking Forum”, with 6 wanting something else ranging from ‘KASK Annual forum’, ‘Sea Kayak Symposium’ to ‘KASK McKASKface’ – whatever that means. One suggested ‘Kayak the Hauraki Gulf – KASK 2017’ for the next one. We will revisit this next year since we sneaked this question AFTER the survey started, and not everyone who responded had a say in it.

Q7: At what skill level should the forum target [select more than one if necessary]


The question allowed multiple selection with Most respondents (90%) wanted the forum to target at the intermediate level followed by strong beginners (72%) and then advanced (63%). However 35% believed that the beginners should also be targeted.

2. Event Sponsorship

Q8: Sponsors – Would you be happy if KASK National Sea Kayaking Forum was sponsored?


3% were against sponsorship and want KASK annual event to remain non-commercial. The rest were open to the idea – but some had following reservations or comments:

"Depends who is sponsoring"
"Comes with strings attached. can be counterproductive for not much gain."
"As long as the sponsorship is clearly visible and does not limit presentations"
"Sponsors are good as long as they don't get exclusivity rights or are able to dictate the content"
"Yes, Happy for sponsorship. Cost to me not an issue"
"More would come from a distance if cheaper (sponsor for accom)"
"Yes. Does not have to be a related sponsor, even naming rights could be sponsored, as in C2C. Would not want the event hi-jacked by a sponsor non-related, or related to kayaking though."
"Many sea paddlers are unaware of KASK. Sponsors provide door prizes, beverages, funding, sponsor coaches and advertise KASK and its events far beyond the reach of the KASK newsletter. Pacific Paddling Symposium uses this model and sold out this year in ONE HOUR."
"Sponsors allow overseas experts to be assisted with travel"
"I want to see all the new stuff"



Q9: If you are happy to have a Forum sponsor, what are the sponsorship options you are comfortable with?

Q985% of the respondents open to sponsorship said they will be happy to have a kayaking related business to be the sponsor.

Q10: If you are happy to have a Forum sponsor, what should the sponsorship cover?

Q106% wanted the sponsorship to cover goody bags only. 6% preferred the sponsorship to cover prizes only. However, 86% said they are open to the sponsorship covering any of the items including funding and food &  beverages.

3. The Event – Pricing and value

Q11: Pricing –  What is the upper limit that you would pay to attend a 2.5 day / weekend forum? [The more you pay, the more value / food & accommodation choices you will have]


Surprisingly there was two peaks in the answers – one big one at $250 (36%) and a smaller peak at $200 (19%) followed by $180 (17%). Another way of looking at the results is that only 3% of the respondents were happy to pay $350 for registration, but 50% of the respondents were happy to pay $250 for registration and 83% were happy to pay $200.

Q12: Do you prefer KASK to provide the meals or do you prefer to self cater


8% wanted to self cater, with the remaining 92% wanted to be catered one way or the other.

4. Event location

Q13: Where would you prefer the KASK National Sea Kayaking Forum to be

Q13Nearly 70% were not fussed whether or not it was in North or South Island, with 19 % preferring North Island (and can’t make the trip to South Island and 13% preferring South Island (and can’t make the trip to North Is.).

Q14: Please rank the destinations below that works best for you in North Island [1 most preferred… 7 least favourite]

Q14The most popular destination in North Island was around Auckland. However the weighted average shows there are also some support to have that in either Upper North Island  as well as Coromandel / Tauranga / BoP.

Q15: Please rank the destinations below that works best for you in South Island [1 most preferred… 7 least favourite]

Q15Despite the cancellation of Anakiwa forum this year, Marlborough / Picton still rates top in the weighted average followed by Nelson area and Canterbury.

5. Timing of the event and the frequency

Q16: How often should a KASK National Sea Kayaking Forum be held?

Q16There are hardly any support for having two events / year – though 42% wants once every two years, and the 56% happy with once a year.

Q17: Timing – what is your preferred timing for the forum. Please order in rank of preference.


The weighted average shows that most popular time to have the forum is February followed by early March / late January.

Q18: Would you attend a follow-on event – such as an international paddling week (IKW) closer to the KASK Forum location


There is generally wide spread support for IKW.

7. Marketing and demography

Q19: How likely is it that you would recommend KASK National Sea Kayaking Forum 2017 to a friend or colleague?


This is an industry accepted benchmarking question for the event (Net Promoter® Score) – which showed we scored pretty poorly and that we have some work to do moving forward.

Demography and responses across segments

We conducted this survey using two collectors (i.e. unique URL’s) – one targeted at the paddling community via Facebook and the other for the Sea Canoeist magazine readers (mainly members). For the first 19 questions, the answers have been very consistent across both collectors or market segments. However, the marketing questions and the demography question showed a clear distinction as per below:

Q21: What is the best way to reach you about upcoming paddling events

Response from magazine readers:


Response from Facebook respondents:Q21

Even more interesting is the stated age group from the respondents.

Response from magazine readers:

80% of the survey respondents that completed the survey from the magazine link were 50-69 years old, with 20% 70+:


Response from Facebook respondents:

The Facebook respondents age profile peaked at 50-59.


This is very useful for getting our messages across about the 2017 event across multiple communication channels.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the survey.

Tim Muhundan / 16 May 2016

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