KASK Handbook

The concept of the KASK handbook originated in 1995 with a scoping document sent to paddlers throughout New Zealand. The response was very positive and the results were edited by Peter Sullivan and Paul Caffyn. The task of typing, scanning and layout of the first edition was undertaken by Peter. The handbook was first published in 1996. A second edition, published in 1998, was reformatted by Paul Caffyn with a resources section added, plus more of Nicola Johnson’s marvelous sketches. A fourth edition, published in 2006, involved a huge collective effort by KASK members. The fourth edition was a significant update including rewriting of existing sections and several new sections.

The KASK handbook is currently out of print, it is available electronically to members via the KASK app.  The handbook is a living work, and KASK aims to progressively update the handbook. Readers with expertise in areas not covered or with constructive criticism, contact KASK via the Contact Us link.

The overall aim of the Handbook is to emphasize the skills and techniques necessary to enjoy safe, incident free paddling.

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