Meet the Paddlers – KASK Roadshow

Words from KASK president, Shaun Maclaren on ‘Meet the People’ and New Zaland Water Safety Month.

Meet the Paddlers, is a Roadshow event run by KASK regional centres across New Zealand, with an aim to provide you with as much relevant information and equipment in order to help more people stay safe out on the open water.
This will be of interest to old and new paddlers alike whether you paddle conventional sea kayaks, canoes or something a little different.
We will provide up to date information about the what and need to knows for getting out on the water, as well as helpful links for finding these resources on your own. These events are designed by paddlers, for paddlers including both on land information as well as on the water demonstrations and training.
these events are also a great way to make some more friends and gain connections, confidence and information about local clubs, and organisations in your region.

The locations that we will be heading to are:

  Tauranga – Sat 6th November 2021
Whakatane – Sat 20th November 2021
Whangarei – Sat 27th November 2021
  Christchurch – Sat 4th December 2021
 Nelson – Sat 11th December 2021
Auckland – Sat 11th December2021
Napier – Sat 22 January 2022
Wellington – Sat 29th January 2022

If keen to attend at any of the above locations, please register

This is also a great opportunity for local paddling groups to promote themselves. If you or anyone that you know who may be interested in assisting, please email Steve Flack at [email protected]

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