Meet the People – KASK Roadshow

Words from KASK president, Shaun Maclaren on ‘Meet the People’ and New Zaland Water Safety Month.

‘Meet the People’ is a KASK roadshow, visiting regional centres, presenting to the public the information and equipment needed to stay safe on the water. This will be a showcase of how and where to access current information that people may not be aware of. It will include some basic on-water training and recommend further training with local clubs, networks and associations.
Provisional dates and locations are:
10 Oct 20 – Auckland
1 Nov 20 – Tauranga
7 Nov 20 – Northland
14 Nov 20 – Napier
28 Nov 20 – New Plymouth
16 Jan 21– Whakatane
23 Jan 21 – Nelson
23 Jan 21 – Christchurch
31 Jan 21 – Wellington

This is a great opportunity for local paddling groups to promote themselves. If you or anyone that you know who may be interested in assisting, please email Allen Snowsill at [email protected]

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