Review – Wilco Waterproof Pouch

The Hutchwilco bag, made of PVC gives Waterproof protection for mobile phones, handheld GPS, car alarm remotes etc. Comes with two Minigrip seals with roll-over protection. Designed to hang around the neck.

Pros: PVC is clear and see-through and allows sound to get through for in-bag operation. Value for money. Love the double seal. Better than old school ziplock bags and drybag style pouches. Floats with air in the bag.
Cons: Bulky (compared to device shells like Otter case), The PVC is not optical grade – so photos taken while in the bag didn’t look good (compared to Lifeproof case). Lastly, I don’t know any sea kayaker who wears their phone around their neck!

Special thanks to Maritime NZ, who sent KASK 100 of these bags – we will be giving them away in coming months at various events and competitions.

Checkout the hot discussion going on in KASK Facebook Group on Smartphone bags and have your say.

Tim Muhundan
Jan 2016

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