Get the Most From Your Paddling

One of the best ways to get more from your paddling is to improve your knowledge and skills is to paddle with a group of people and share ideas and experiences. The various clubs around the country are a great way to do this but not always available just when you need them.


There are a great number of online resources providing advice about all aspects of all things, YouTube among other sources is full of peoples videos showing you how to do things. One problem is knowing how reliable the advice you are receiving truly is. It pays to check out the qualifications and experience of the person or organisation offering the advice is. One very good source of sea kayak training material is Online Sea Kayaking this site offers Structured online skills courses, it’s well worth checking out as a valuable resource to use in conjunction with your local club and paddling group

Affiliated Clubs

Auckland Canoe Club

The Auckland Canoe Club was incorporated in 1954 but existed several years before then.

Initially the Club was strong in white water and river kayaking, but with the advent of sea kayaks the focus has gradually moved to sea kayaking.

The Club is run by its members, for its members, on a voluntary basis. Within the Club, members have access to opportunities with a strong kayaking focus.

Find out more on their website or facebook page

Bay Association of Sea Kayakers (BASK)

BASK has been on the kayaking scene for over 20 years and there are currently 100+ members of all ages and backgrounds with a fairly even split between male and female. BASK members have a common desire to explore and share the breathe-taking scenery that our country has to offer from its harbours, lakes, coast and rivers. Trips are tailored to suit the abilities and desires of all members.

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Hawke’s Bay Canoe Club (HBCC)

The HBCC was founded in the mid-1970s to promote and encourage the sport of amateur canoeing and kayaking in all its aspects.

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Nelson Canoe Club

Nelson Canoe Club is involved in a range of kayaking disciplines – sea, white water and canoe polo.

The club organises trips and events for members, graded to for paddlers’ abilities, allowing for members to come together to experience fun, social kayaking in some great scenic locations. If you have yearn to get out on the water with a supportive group of adventurous like minded people, then you have come to the right address for information as to how this can be achieved.

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Associated Networks

Canterbury Sea Kayak Network (CSKNet)

CSKNet is a network of sea kayakers from the Canterburay area, rather than a club. That is we don’t have membership fees, a constitution or elected officers.
We use e-mail, this web site & facebook for contact with ‘members’. There are organised trips and an annual training weekend. These are all free. ‘Members’ give their time to provide CSKNet services.

Find out more on their website or facebook page

Wellington Sea Kayak Network (WSKN)

WSKN is a network of sea kayakers rather than a club. Meetings normally first Thursday every few months 1800-2100 Tararua Tramping Club, Moncrieff St, Wellington. Summer meetings are paddle based. The network runs peer to peer skills sessions (usually 8 to 10 am on the third saturday of the month) and trips encompasing the many islands, sea-caves, wild headlands, beaches and cafes are organised at meetings, but also on an ad-hoc basis as posted on Facebook events.


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New Zealand Women's Sea Kayak Network

The New Zealand Women’s Sea Kayak Network arose out of a group of enthusiastic women paddling together during KASK Kayakfest 2023 in Hahei. These women were keen to paddle together more regularly and generally connect for skill development, trips and information sharing. If you are a women getting into sea kayaking for the first time, this is a good place to connect with other female paddlers in a supportive environment.


You can find their Facebook group here and Join for Free.

Becoming an Affiliated Club

In 2019, the KASK Committee elected to provide a special membership to paddling clubs that want to be affiliated to KASK.

If you want your club to be affiliated to KASK, and have it listed, please get in touch with the President via the link on the Contact Us page.


What are the benefits of being affiliated?

  • Ability to be a club member affiliated to KASK
  • Club listing on the KASK Website – One of the most up to date sports websites in New Zealand 
  • Recognition by KASK for funding purposes. Letters of support for funding available to all affiliated clubs
  • KASK is an organisation that represents your interests, fights your corner and is there for you when you need help and advice
  • Safe Paddling and Essential Guide developed in conjunction with Water Safety NZ
  • A strong relationship with Water Safety New Zealand and Maritime New Zealand
  • Water Safety information available online
  • An electronic copy of the New Zealand Sea Kayak magazine emailed every two months
  • E-Newsletter emailed directly every two months
  • Increasing awareness of Water Safety & PFDs
  • Strategic planning assistance for regions & clubs
  • A point of access to paddlers, networks, clubs and groups when you are travelling to different regions and want to go for a paddle but don’t know where to go or who to go to
  • Have input on events by completing online surveys
  • Comprehensive Event Calendar for paddlers
  • Opportunity to share your paddling stories via the KASK magazine
  • Advocacy for the sport at a national level
  • Being officially part of the best sport in New Zealand!

What does it mean to the Club?

Clubs/Networks would recognize KASK as their umbrella organization and be regarded as a member of KASK with access to the magazine and other publications in e format.


There will be no obligations, responsibilities or requirements other than that of the affiliation fee​.


Use of the KASK logo on club/network literature and promotional material.

Will there be a cost associated with being affiliated?

It is not the intention of KASK to make money from this initiative but it is part of our vision of providing value to clubs and paddlers.
It also increases our membership, and increased membership would provide KASK with a greater voice at national forums and increased credibility with local bodies, regional councils and other regulatory bodies.


An affiliation levy is traditionally the cost to belong to an association and it is often an investment in the future of an organisation.  The affiliation fees payable to KASK bring some direct services to club members. In addition, and in common with other sports organisations, some of the funds are used for the future good of the sport of paddling in New Zealand. 

I want my club/Network to Join as an affiliated club

Please contact the KASK President through our Contact Us page and select ‘Clubs / Affiliations’ query so we can initiate the process to affiliate your club/network.