A list of links to various resources:


This section contains links for thngs of a general nature that could be put into any number of the other sections such as Techniques, EquipmentWeather etc. it contains links to information that should be considered core information for anybody who goes out on the water.

If you are new to sea kayaking then a good starting point would be to check out our KayakSafe NZ Workshop information and also check through the information in these links:

  • Cold Water is a real safety issue for all of us but we often don’t think of the water as being cold in summer here in New Zealand.  In reality the majority of the time we are on the water in New Zealand the water is considered to be cold water in terms of the risk it poses to our health and safety.  This site (Coldwatersafety.org), contains well laid out information and facts to help inform us and it is is very relevant to New Zealand waters.

Kayaking Techniques

  • Bay Area Sea Kayakers (BASK) is a group of several hundred sea kayakers who live throughout in the San Francisco Bay Area of the US, (not to be confused with our own Bay Association of Sea Kayakers club based in Tauranga). The US BASK website has a great set of links to kayaking techniques Check their site out here
  • The American Canoe Association (ACA) has a great selection of instructional videos that are well worth watching. The webpage with all the links is here.
  • For an overview of handling surf check out this video on YouTube. The video is broken down into 12 separate videos here
  • Online Sea Kayaking provides structured online skills courses for a subscription (discount available here for KASK members). Each course is broken down into individual lessons with exercises to help you develop your sea kayaking skills. You can ask questions, get feedback and upload your own practice videos. Online Sea kayaking.
  • There are a number “SKISL” (Sea Kayakers Inspired to Stretch the Limits) groups that run regular informal sessions around NZ for all comers to come and practice their skills with a group of like minded folks. Check the KASK Events page for a session near you.
  • Outdoor Education New Zealand (OENZ) offer various sea kayaking courses check out their website



  • Wetmaps.co.nz for trip planning is excellent. The extra layers give you much more information than a chart alone
  • Estimating distances can be tricky, this article discusses a way to establish the distance to the horizon.

Trip Planning