This Programme has been completed for 2023/24.

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KayakSafe NZ is a programme run by KASK.  The primary focus of KayakSafe NZ is to deliver content to recreational kayakers of all types in workshops throughout the country aimed at providing the approriate information to keep people safe on the water. 


The workshops are led by trained volunteer experts and consist of an interactive presentation followed by outdoor discussions of equipment and on the water training to reinforce key safety messages.

The programme has developed over the years since it’s initial incarnation as “Meet the People” programme run in 2019/20.

We maintain a Facebook page with more information .


If you are looking for more sea kayak related information then visit our Paddler Information Centre.

In 2023 We spent a day in Tauranga creating the videos that provide the information to help you stay safe on the water….


Check out the videos here



The following workshops for 2023/24 summer have now been completed.


Bay of Islands13/01/2024

Here is a copy of the basic presentation for the 2023/24 workshops.