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“The best type of kayak is the one that fits the water, fits the body and fits the purpose of why the paddler is on the water” a quote that sums things up nicely from this article discussing Greenland Kayaks by Jeff Fabiszewski…

NZ based Manufacturers:

  • Barracuda Kayaks
  • Mission Kayaks took on the QKayaks rotomoulded kayak moulds
  • Nautique Kayaks is now the owner of all Sisson kayak moulds.
  • Paddling Perfection
  • Ruahine Kayaks took on the Q Kayaks composite boats (Southern Skua and Tasman Express, now called the Sea Hawk)
  • Star Kayaks
  • Wave Passion


  • How long should your paddle be? There is no correct answer and generally the trend is towards people using shorter paddles than used to be recommended, the following articles all suggest longer paddles than seem to be common around New Zealand these days:
    • There are many variables to consider for this, here is an article that puts forward one perspective.

Safety Equipment

Where to Buy

The following lists are not intended to represent an endorsement or otherwise of the respective organization, rather it is a list of places our members use.


Trading Sites:


  • Matrix Composites for Barracuda and composite kayak repairs will still be done at Silverdale Phone Stu 021 257 5947
  • Struggling to find the right screw or fitting? Anzor have all your bolts and screws sorted. e.g. kayak footrest bolts in 1/4 inch stainless steel, imperial & metric.
  • Sisson Kayak Kayak Manufacturing plant has been sold. Meanwhile Sisson Kayaks can continue to assist you with many 1985 – 2010 spare parts,
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