Meet the Paddler – KASK Roadshow

Words from KASK president, Shaun Maclaren on ‘Meet the People’ and New Zaland Water Safety Month.

Meet the Paddlers is a KASK roadshow, visiting regional centres, we aim to present all of the information and equipment needed to stay safe on open water.
This will be of interest to old and new paddlers alike, whether like you paddle conventional sea kayaks or something different. We will showcase what you need to know and how and where to access current information. It will include some on-water demonstrations and training.
You will also find helpful recommendations for further training information with local clubs, and organisations.
Venues will be:


This is a great opportunity for local paddling groups to promote themselves. If you or anyone that you know who may be interested in assisting, please email Steve Flack at [email protected]

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