The Organising Team and twenty other paddlers from different regions recently spent the first week of February reconnoitring and enjoying Urupukapuka Island – the home of next years’ Fest. As can be seen from the above and below photos – the location caters for all and WOW did we have a ball, with first timers vowing to return. Even though the weather wasn’t always perfect, we had a week of fantastic paddling around Urupukapuka and the surrounding islands, having fun and raising our skill levels.

I apologise for the delayed launch of ‘online registration’, this was partly due to the upgrading of our website, but also to unforeseen changes to the venue. Please accept our apologies.

We have some exciting and truly experienced instructors that are looking forward to being with us, and we guarantee that you will be challenged, inspired, stimulated, and encouraged to try some new and some harder things. There will be opportunities to learn or re-learn from the best, to fine-tune and hone your skills, and try things not just once, but twice.

We are expecting a good number of paddlers and this time we have space for a number of non-paddling partners to enjoy the Far North.

For KASK members only, we have an ‘early bird ‘registration. There is a lot of interest from overseas paddlers, so my advice to you all, is to get in soon – first come first served

As a KASK member, you get $25 early bird discount for a limited time, only if you use the special link below or if you use the special coupon code.

To get your special KASK discount BEFORE 1st April, use this secret code: EARLYBIRD
Register for Kayak Fest 2020

Andy looking for training areas

KASK has a new Website now!

It is an exciting and thrilling time for KASK with the recent launch of the new website and membership platform. The new web site is designed for sustainability and has replaced the previous one.

We are also excited about the soon to be launched KASK app, which will be free to KASK members and paddlers from all around the world.

Tim Muhundan along with his team from BizX has devoted hundreds of hours of their time to give us a better user experience for both new and existing members as well as upskilling the web team. Both the web site and the App will be evolving over the next few months with more content coming from members.

On behalf of you all, I would like to thank Tim for his generosity and am extremely pleased that he managed to come to Urupukapuka to chill out, even if it was only for two days!

Tim at full speed!


KASK Club Affiliation Membership

I make no bones about it, but as a national body representative of the Safer Boating Forum representing sea kayaking, KASK needs to increase its membership if it wishes to be respected by other fellow forum members.

Club Affiliation Membership is a way for KASK to be more encompassing, and with the forthcoming launch of the KASK App, paddlers will be able to access such things as information on skills and safety. View resources from Coastguard education as well as be informed of trips and events that are planned and promoted by ‘affiliated clubs.’

Over the next few months, I will be approaching clubs, networks and associations around the country to consider becoming affiliated members.

In the meantime, we will be offering all clubs, networks and associations an introductory membership period up to 31st August, so that they and their members can experience the offer and all that it entails.

You can find out more about KASK affiliated clubs here


Campsite at Otehei Bay

Annual General Meeting 2019

This year’s AGM will be ‘online’ and will take place on Sunday 7th April 2019 at 8pm.

All the AGM reports will be available a month in advance for all members. You can register your intend to attend as well as access the AGM reports from the AGM page of our web site.

Submissions for the agenda and nominations for election will close at 8pm on Thursday 7th March 2019. Those seeking election or re-election will be advertised in the AGM agenda with a photo and a short bio explaining what he or she can bring to the organisation.

I stress that these are not ‘junket’ positions and committee members are expected to work on behalf of the paddling community.

KASK encourages diversity along with regional representation.

I am looking for paddlers with fresh initiatives, energy, and an understanding of governance.
If you, or someone you know, would like to be a committee member, please get in touch with me via [email protected] I am happy to talk through any questions or concerns in more detail before any commitment is made.

This is your chance to have a say about the future of KASK, to step up and make a difference, but more importantly to ensure that KASK is the voice of sea kayakers from around the country.

Three Up in Cable Bay

Paddling Film Festival 2019 – World Tour


Last year Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch enjoyed screenings of the 2018 paddling film festival. This year, I am looking at doing it again, but with a difference.

I am keen to repeat it during the winter months but offer it to ‘affiliated member’ clubs and networks around the country.

If your club or network is interested, I am sure that we could arrange for KASK to host and supply the films at cost. All that you have to do is find a location, sell the tickets, find a couple of co-sponsors, and the proceeds go to your club/network.

You have got to be in to win!

As a paddling community, we cannot afford to be parochial. KASK needs to be encompassing and with the new website and the app, I ask you all to venture, paddle with new found friends in new locations and have a ball!

Boiling Over

Finally, thank you to Deb Volturno, Glenda Ray, Tim Muhundan, Shelley Stuart and Chris Breen for letting me use their photographs.
Help us grow KASK

If you have paddling friends who would like to join KASK as a member, please forward this link below to join online.


Safe and Happy Paddling,Shaun

Shaun Maclaren
Kiwi Association of Sea Kayakers