Important Safety Notice

ARC Bylaw ~ Visibility of kayaks and paddle craft
Effective from 1 July 2008

Clause 2.17 Auckland Regional Council Navigation Safety Bylaw 2008

1. Every kayak and paddle craft that is navigating in waters beyond 200 metres from shore shall ensure they are highly visible to other vessels. This shall include:

(a) wearing a high visibility vest or high visibility PFD; and

(b) use of reflecting tape on oars or paddles and also on clothing; and

(c) at night, showing a continuous white light visible in all directions from a distance of two nautical miles.

Comments –

(a) Black was found, over 60 years ago, to be the most visible colour in certain lighting conditions!
The bylaw does not state what is considered a high visibility colour.

(b) There are no specifications for size or positioning of the reflective tape!